We make energy gels

Nutrition Works specialise in the design & manufacture of ready to drink liquid supplements such as sports gels and post-workout recovery drinks.

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Sports Gels

We design and manufacture energy gels, pre-workout gels, protein gels, and diet gels

HPP Sachets

Using high pressure pasteurisation (HPP), we can develop cold pressed juices packed into sachets, natural protein drinks and snacks ideal for natural health market.

Protein Shakes

We design and manufacture natural and great tasting dairy and dairy-free protein drinks for post-workout recovery.


We believe gels offer a better solution to powder products, supplying an exact metered dose in a convenient format that can be slipped into a pocket or bag.


An essential part of any endurance event, energy gels are convenient to slip into a pocket or pack and can deliver easily-digestible carbohydrates and electrolytes quickly and easily in a simple and tasty format.


Nutrition Works has developed a range of unique recovery gels & drinks combining the benefits of protein and carbohydrates.

The company

Nutrition Works Ltd is a UK business established in 2011 and we specialize in the design and manufacture of gels (energy, protein, diet etc.). We pride ourselves on having a great working relationship with our customers and sharing our latest innovations with them.

Thanks to our state of the art manufacturing capabilities and knowledgeable staff we can deliver great products that are tailored to your brand and enable you to stay ahead.

We can manufacture an energy gel for your brand. Get in touch...