Energy Gel Manufacturing Facilities

UK based BRC A grade facility.

Direct steam injection cooking equipment: Quick and efficient.

Direct plate cooling: Keeps flavours fresh and reduced damage to functional ingredients

UHT Line: For processing gels with speciality ingredients that require UHT treatment.

Natural ‘clean label’ Sachets

We have just installed Europe’s first preservative free packing line. The line is ideally suited to packing real food products (Natural juice shots and high protein snacks)

We manufacture and pack all products in a temperature controlled BRC A grade facility so we can take liquid fresh ingredients and either process them to be ambient stable or have and extended chilled shelf life.

All our sachets packed on site and passed through an HPP step to allow the removal of artificial preservatives for a better product with a clean ingredients label and fresh taste.

The natural range of products we can develop with this technical achievement is endless!

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