Post-Workout Protein Products

Recovery gels & drinks

Protein Gels

Nutrition Works has developed a range of unique recovery products combining the benefits of protein and carbohydrates.

We can manufacture gels high in protein.

Work with us to develop a full range of sports nutrition gels to help your customers boost energy levels pre- mid- and post-performance.

Protein Drinks

Our ambient stable long life products contain no preservatives or additives, we have designed the drinks to be great tasting, easy to use and different to the usual UHT drink bottles on the market. We have also have added to the range and developed High Protein Dairy Free RTD’s that tap into a rapidly growing market and help suppliers get away from ever fluctuating whey/milk prices.

We manufacture all our drinks in the UK.


  • High Protein Indulgent Whey Protein Smoothies.
  • Added slow release carbohydrates (Oats, Quinoa) and fruit purees
  • Dairy Free High Protein Drinks

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