Energy Gel Manufacture

About Nutrition Works

The company

Nutrition Works Ltd is a UK business established in 2011 and we specialize in the design and manufacture of gels (energy, protein, diet etc.). We pride ourselves on having a great working relationship with our customers and sharing our latest innovations with them.

Thanks to our state of the art manufacturing capabilities and knowledgeable staff we can deliver great products that are tailored to your brand and enable you to stay ahead.

Our Portfolio

Gels are a great delivery system for more than just sugars and salts in energy gels and we have commercialised many successful products for various sectors that deliver functional ingredients in a convenient and great tasting format.

Examples of products we can produce…..

  • Sports Gels
  • Energy Gels (including preservative free)
  • Electrolyte Gels
  • Pre Workout Gels (Amino acids, Caffeine)
  • Protein Gels
  • Dietary Supplement Gels
  • Diet Gels
  • Vitamin and Mineral Gels

Sports Gels

Energy gels provide a fast and convenient means for atheletes and sportsmen to improve performance, boost energy and endurance, and achieve better results. Nutrition is important in any sport and Nutrition Works’ energy gels taste great and deliver results.

Nutrition Works expertise in sports gel development means we can formulate and manufacture energy gels that are scientifically superior. Our gels work in the pre-workout, intra-workout and recovery stages – in fact, nearly all areas of the sports nutrition sector.